The following is a testimonial from a customer that purchased 12 used 305 Watt Jinko panels from us and proceeded to get them installed and operational.


FYI folks. If you’re looking at solar please read this. I went solar two years ago. Bought into the ads and sales people and spent $40k. Remember this – NOTHING Is FREE! My power bill doubled. That is another story. In my Research in how to get back my investment I came up with this. I bought 12 Re-purposed 305 panels from Chris he then put me into contact with three installers. I settled on a fellow from Austin that knows his business. He told me at no cost where to get the remaining components that would be needed. I got everything ready Carlos came and in two days was gone, with units installed and operational. My total investment was $3600. One tenth of what I spent for my system plus the output is 50 % of my other 33 panels because of how they are Positioned. I work for none of these people I just believe that my job here is to place job well done to people who are Honest and do what they say they’re going to do. —Gmrab