New 150 Watt Solyndra Solar Panels For Sale in Mansfield Texas

These are by the pallet only, not selling individual panels. Listing as 150W, some pallets are 150 and some are 157W each. You will have at least 150W per panel.

While these solar panels look and are quite unconventional they do generate just like a standard flat panel just over a longer period of time by the way they are designed! With some additional features. They are brand new panels that have been sitting on pallets waiting for your project. We are offering these for sale out of our Mansfield, TX warehouse.

These panels are using a tyco connector as opposed to mc-4 however most of the connections will be between the panels. And the ends can simply be cut and mc-4 ends added for the home run back to your inverter. I can pop connectors on appropriate panels for you if you know how they will be setup.

The panels are heavy, but were designed as self ballasting since they aren’t a sail. Possibly they could be bolted together over some white rock or desert sand reducing the cost of installation. Check out the user manual below for some ideas from the manufacturer.

Model Number:

Solyndra SL-001-157

Electrical Specs:

157 Watt
92.5 Voc
67.5 Vmp
2.73 Isc
2.33 Imp
Max Series Fuse 23A

Physical Specs:

Tyco SolarLok Male and Female connectors with ~6” leads

User manual:


No Manufacturer warranty, Beene Brothers will replace or refund within 1 year for non-working panels as long as they didn’t fail from misuse or abuse.

Tuesday 11-2 and Saturday 10-1. Feel free to message me before heading over or just drop by during our hours above!

2090 fm157 Suite 420, Mansfield TX 76063

Beene Brothers Ventures, LLC (682) 730-0725

We are in the bay at the back of the complex off to the right. Typically I’ll have some panels sitting out indicating I’m available.