New Grade A 230 AH LiFePo4 Lithium Cells For Sale in Mansfield Texas

These are brand new Eve LiFePo4 cells ready to be built into a battery pack. Great for solar storage in cabin, rv, portable setup, etc.

These have never been cycled. Include bus bars and nuts/studs.

I can provide 100/120A Bluetooth BMS for $120 (12v, 24, 36, 48v available). This includes low temperature cutoff.

Four of these cells will make a 2.9Kwh 12v pack. Or 16 in series for a 48v 11.5Kwh monster!

Each box of four cells is priced at $590 with the following quantity discounts:

4 cells (12v) $590
8 cells (24v) $1100
16 cells (48v) $2080


If you’d like a battery already put together I can do it at the following price points:

$950 12v 2.9Kwh

$1400 24v 5.8Kwh

$3000 48v 11.5 Kwh

Electrical Specs:

  • 230AH
  • 3.2V Nominal
  • 230A Max Continuous Discharge/Charge Rate
  • Cycle life @25C >= [email protected]

Physical Specs:

  • 2.12″ Thick
  • 8.16″ Tall
  • 6.85″ Wide
  • 9lbs Each Cell
  • 6mm Studs pre-welded to each terminal
  • Bus bars and nuts included

Full Spec Sheet


1 year warranty, will refund/replace depending on availability.

Shoot me a text or call me, Christopher, at (682) 730-0725 for more information.