This 12V LiFePo4 battery kit includes everything needed to safely get energy in and out of the cells. You will be responsible for putting it together and making sure the cells don’t rub against each other causing a short. Some sort of physical restraint is preferred. Shoot me a text or call me, Christopher, at (682) 730-0725 if you are interested. Currently we can offer these for local pickup or relatively local to Fort Worth TX.

  1. 4 Lishen 272Ah LiFePo4 Cells
  2. 100A rated Bluetooth Smart BMS
  3. 5 M6 Ring terminals for sense leads
  4. 3 Copper Busbars
  5. 8 threaded studs
  6. 8 M6 Nuts
  7. 2 count 1/4″ 4 Gauge lug
  8. 5/16″ 4 Gauge lug
  9. Shrink wrap

Here is a quick overview on how easy it is to put something like this together. You'll want to watch/study something more long form to make sure you understand what you're trying to accomplish and do it safely.