Pricing is based on quantity being purchased:
1-5: $145 each
6-49: $140 each
50+: $135 each

Why are these panels a good deal?

1. They are left over from a large install.
2. Many were racked and then failed inspection. We have repaired any defects 100% which would be limited to damaged cord, missing junction box cover, damaged mc-4 connector.
3. Superficial scratches on glass.
4. No manufacture warranty – we provide a 90 day guarantee, bring it back if it’s not performing like you expected.

Here are the specifications of the panels. This series of panels is 380 to 400 watt. I haven’t seen anything less than 395 in our batch.

If you want to charge 12v batteries with this panel, check out our video:

We also have the following 60A charge controllers which can be used with these panels to charge 12 to 48 volt lead acid or lithium batteries:

If you want to get these for grid tie they are UL listed for that purpose.

Talk to me about payment options before you come by.

Shoot me a text or call me, Christopher, at (682) 730-0725 for more information.