1200 Watt Off-Grid Solar Setup

With 1.2Kw of Solar and a 3.8KWh battery this setup with the right sun exposure can run a 5000 BTU air conditioner for 6 hours while the sun shines and another 7 hours after dark. The Inverter listed below could even start the 8000 BTU air conditioner I tested it with, it’s a beefy unit.


  • Large enough battery to run small air conditioner for 7 hours
  • Lithium batteries that should last 3000 cycles or more
  • 48 Volt system that requires much smaller wires to handle the wattage
  • Still room for more solar panels or bigger inverter


  • Inverter is 1500 watts, could be undersized for running two AC’s or cooking equipment
  • Costs considerably more than the 12 volt system


Beene Brothers strives to keep this in stock for $100 as a convenience. If we don’t have it available, Amazon and Aliexpress should be able to set up you with a unit.