400 Watt Off-Grid Solar Setup

I see this as a starter system that can charge phones, laptops, run your television, etc. while leaving room to add a Lithium 12 volt battery and some extra solar panels to increase the capacity later on. The main disadvantage.

With one of my panels you’d have 400 Watts of power coming in while the sun is up high. In an optimal position this would be about 2.4kw for the day. Enough that you could run a small air conditioner while the sun is shining, especially if your standard 100AH lead acid battery can only hold 1.2Kw of that energy.


  • No batteries to balance when only 1 is in place
  • No BMS or complicated Lithium Ion to worry about
  • More of a known quantity
  • Could use a battery that is already in place in your setup
  • Inexpensive
  • Expandable later


  • Inverter is 12 volt, so you can’t move to 24 or 48 volts without buying a new one
  • If you expand the system very far you’ll be dealing with lots of amps, therefore large wire sizes
  • Lead Acid batteries aren’t known for their longevity, expect 300-500 cycles from a new battery


Beene Brothers strives to keep this in stock for $100 as a convenience. If we don’t have it available, Amazon and Aliexpress should be able to set up you with a unit.

Shoot me a text or call me, Christopher, at (682) 730-0725 to see what we might have in stock for solar panels.