With 400W of Solar and a 1.2KWh battery this setup with the right sun exposure can run a full sized refrigerator indefinitely. Wouldn’t hurt to do 2 panels instead of 1 to account for clouds but if you need something to keep the food fresh the next time the power goes out this could be your ticket.


  • Large enough battery to run some appliances indefinitely
  • Lithium (LiFePo4) battery that should last 3000 cycles or more
  • Will handle up to 720W of solar panels


  • Inverter is 1000 watts, could be undersized for running additional appliances.
  • At 12 Volts if you are planning on a larger system in the future it will be harder to manage the wiring as it gets thicker to handle more load. 48 Volts is a sweet spot if you intend to run a cabin off solar as it brings the wire size down to a reasonable gauge.

Some of the pricing here is from other sites out of our control, with a single 395W Solar Panel expect this setup to cost about $1020. We are assuming the solar panel would be mobile and have not included any mounting hardware. Check out the RV build for some Z brackets that are heavy duty enough to handle these full size panels for installing on a roof such as your shed.

Beene Brothers strives to keep this in stock for $100 as a convenience. If we don’t have it available, Amazon and Aliexpress should be able to set up you with a unit.

This battery is put together by us here at Beene Brothers Solar. It is made up of brand new LiFePo4 Prismatic Lithium cells assembled with finger-screw battery terminals to make this portable battery easy to operate.

  • Continuous Load Output: 80 Amps
  • Recommended Charge Rate: 50Amps
  • Maximum Capacity: 1.28KWh
  • Life Expectancy: Greater than 2000 Cycles
  • Weight 26.4 Pounds
  • Cost: $450
Count Item Cost
1 3 Feet of Red Double 10 Gauge wire for Charge Controller to Battery $4.50
1 3 Feet of Black Double 10 Gauge wire for Charge Controller to Battery $4.50
2 30 Feet of black PV Rated UV Resistant 10 Gauge Wire for Charge Controller to Solar Panels $30.00
1 15 Amp MC4 Fuse for Solar Panels $20.00
2 30 Amp Fuse Holder for Battery Positive Cable $6.00
1 Pair of MC4 Connectors $3.00
1 Crimping and Heat-Shrinking Wires $30.00
Total Misc. $98.00