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All in One Inverter/Chargers


RV systems

When you want to keep the RV battery topped off in storage and while camping here’s an option to mount a solar panel on the roof.

DIY Solar Builds

Arguably the best return on investment is grid tie solar. With the right sources for parts this can be done for half or less what you’d pay someone.

This system is for you if you are looking to power a small load up to 1000W with a compact and price-efficient set up.

Powering loads up to 1500W with a battery-powered runtime of up to 2h under full load, this 48V system can deliver you enough power to run a HVAC unit all day and up to 7h after dark.

Providing up to 1000W of Pure Sine Wave power and charging with 1, or 2!, of our 395 Watt panels makes this a very versatile setup ranging from power outages at home or camping trips with no hookups.

Understanding Small Solar Installations

If you’re not sure where to start with wiring your own setup this is a great place to begin understanding what connects where.

Choosing a charge controller requires knowing what’s available, here’s a start.

DIY Solar Builds

Testimonial from a customer that purchased 12 used 305 Watt Jinko panels from us.